Feast or Famine

As always in Austin, the rain is either a feast or a famine…. It seems the famine is over and now we’re gonna get waterlogged for a while.

This is altogether pretty much a good thing, so I’m not complaining. Just commenting on it…. However it’s a right pain in the ass getting around by bus in the rain.

I’m actually paying attention to FB which is a new thing for me… its interesting to read my friends’ blurbs & comments. Just thought I’d let everyone know I’m alive & kicking still with a little post. For now, goodnight… oh and check Fix My Stupid PC! ( www.fixmystupidpc.com ) if you want to get actual free copies of your credit repors.

Stupidity strikes Capital Metro again


I was on the bus yesterday and noticed a “Rider Advisory” stating that Capital Metro will no longer publish their schedule book, but will instead post it on the internet.

The statement goes as follows:

Due to declining use, more reliance on the web and cost-cutting measures, Capital Metro will not print the Destinations Schedule book for the fall 2009 service change. The book will continue to be available online and printed schedules and system maps will be available free of charge. Fewer than 8000 of the books were purchased in 2009, down from a usage of 135,000 in 2006.

They continue to talk about how much money not printing the book will save taxpayers… which is silly to begin with. Unfortunately their thinking is heavily flawed. The higher circulation in 2006 than in 2009 was because in ’06, the book was FREE but in ’09, the book cost $1 and was only available for purchase at their downtown transit store, which is a huge hassle to get to within their limited operating hours, and online purchase is a rather slow method of getting one, plus there’s a $2.00 surcharge for ordering online and paying with a credit card. They also claim that this is a positive change that is in line with CapMet’s commitment to the environment and ‘smart investment of public dollars’.


Obviously the decrease in circulation was by design from their decision to start charging for the book and making it near ridiculous to get a copy, and now they’re just completing the job. This is just further fallout from their decision to raise the bus fares by 50% and the special transit service fares by 233% (from $3.00 for 10 rides to $7.00 for 10 rides.) I’d call this behavior discriminatory against the poor and those with fixed incomes at the very least, as they’re the ones who ride the bus the most.

I strongly urge anyone who rides the bus and uses these schedule books to lodge a complaint with CapMetro as I did. Their number is 512/474-1200.


Rain! Finally some rain!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve added anything to my blog… I just haven’t been in a blogging mood lately.

I’m glad we’ve gotten at least a little bit of rain… Although it will definitely lead to a miserably sultry day.

Right now though, I definitely have to side with Cookie Monster…


Thank the lord there are only four more days until I get my check again… Money’s tight. I have however started working on a new project for a client… I’m going to move his site into a content management system (specifically Joomla! 1.5) so that he can add news items to the page more easily and give him more options for form processing plus adding the ability to have a newsletter and/or email marketing.

I’ve also been working on Fix My Stupid PC! again. I did a complete site redesign and have started actually getting content ready to be put into it. That should hopefully have me pulling more native search traffic from Google, and possibly actually sell some affiliate program items. I guess we’ll see.

Happy Pi Day Mr Einstein

How ironic that a mathematical genius should be born on a mathematical date…

Anyway… things are coming along slowly but surely. Just wanted to drop a line here so that everyone doesn’t think I’ve dropped dead or something. 😉

I’ll catch all of y’all later.


Austin Taxi Service

For those not “in the know”, there are 3 taxi companies in Austin. The largest and possibly the oldest is Yellow Cab, then Austin Cab, and finally the smallest & newest Lone Star Cab. I’ve recently had the “honor” of experiencing rides with all 3.

Yellow Cab has over 500 cabs in Austin, so of course they get the most business. The cabs are usually pretty clean for the most part, but their dispatch equipment is kind of antiquated and slow… but it works. They accept Visa & MasterCard (and possibly others) but are still using knuckle scrapers to imprint the card onto paper. Card authorizations sometimes take a while also. The drivers are generally pretty nice, but being the biggest and most popular causes their phone lines to be rather clogged during certain hours of the day, sometimes to the point of busy signals. I regularly use their services because they tend to arrive pretty quickly. Yellow Cab bought out another cab company here called Roy’s Taxi … they’d been here forever and a day, but had many of the same issues as Austin Cab does.

Austin Cab is the next oldest service. They have no credit card abilities in their cars, and they still use a CB radio for dispatching. The drivers have always been nice but having to clean what little cash I keep in my wallet out or having to have them stop at an ATM is a big nuisance. I use them as a last resort.

Lone Star Cab is the newest entry into the scene… unfortunately this also means they have the fewest cabs. They came into existence by winning when the city opened bidding for a third taxi cab service after Roy’s got bought out. Their dispatch equipment and tracking is brand new and works very well. They also have a infinitely superior and faster credit card processing system, complete with paper receipt printing. The two times I’ve used their services, the experience has been stellar. Their cabs are new, clean, and their drivers are all nice from what I’ve seen.

So there you have it. If you can get one to come, Lone Star is the best I’d say, then Yellow, then Austin Cab. Blue, Yellow, and blue being the colors for all three. The city sets the cab rates, so they can only change about once a month, but all 3 have the same exact rates.

I just wrote this to give everyone something to chew on before I get down to some more serious writing. Enjoy. 🙂