Austin Taxi Service

For those not “in the know”, there are 3 taxi companies in Austin.  The largest and possibly the oldest is Yellow Cab, then Austin Cab, and finally the smallest & newest Lone Star Cab.  I’ve recently had the “honor” of experiencing rides with all 3. Yellow Cab has over 500 cabs in Austin, so of […]

Fire the CapMet Board

Capital Metro has gotten the board to agree to their fee doubling in a 2-step increment.  so the regular fare will go from $0.50 to $0.75 then eventually to a $1.00 fare. They claim that they need the money.  This claim is false because they neglected to report that they’ve already essentially raised their fare […]

A Heaping Helping of Hypocrisies All Around

Okay, so out of sheer boredom I’m reading the job postings on the Capital Metro website tonight and in their posting for bus drivers they have the following statement: “Bus service is provided to the community 365 days a year 24 hours a day.” Now of course, anyone who’s ever bothered to look at their […]

Punishment Lights

You may ask, “OK, what’s a punishment light?” But if you do, I know that you don’t live anywhere near Austin (or from what I hear, L.A.) Punishment Light: (n) – Traffic light with exceptionally long cycle time (Often 5 mins or more, for no apparent or logical reason) placed there by sadistic Department of […]

Capital Metro Deserves A Fare Increase (NOT!!!!)

<RANT> Yesterday morning, the Editorial Board at The Austin-American Statesman posted an entry dated August 23 in favor of the 100-300% (for certain passengers) fare increase proposed by the Capital Metro administrative staff to the Capital Metro board… And last night at their open meeting, the public gave them a resounding NO. It seems not […]