Happy Pi Day Mr Einstein

How ironic that a mathematical genius should be born on a mathematical date… Anyway… things are coming along slowly but surely. Just wanted to drop a line here so that everyone doesn’t think I’ve dropped dead or something. 😉 I’ll catch all of y’all later. crd

Salt Water – Fuel of the Future?

It seems that a retired broadcast engineer from Pennsylvania, while working on a way to use heavy metals and radio waves to cure cancer by basically microwaving the damaged cells has stumbled upon a new fuel source, a most unlikely one at that. Salt Water. You know, the thing that covers 2/3 of the surface […]

Apple gives the finger to freedom of choice with iPhone update

PC World – Firmware Update Breaks Hacked iPhones PC World reported Saturday that with Apple’s new firmware release (1.1.1) for the iPhone, which several phones have already started updating to automatically thanks to the built-in iTunes software update on the phone, breaks (permanently in some cases) or disables iPhones that have been unlocked or hacked […]

New Device Turns Waste Heat into Electricity | LiveScience

New Device Turns Waste Heat into Electricity | LiveScience What will they think of next? Although this is a good idea… Perhaps they should look into a way of using the heat exchangers for our air conditioners here in Texas to regenerate the electricity we use on cooling with the heat coming off […]

Happy Woden’s Day & The REAL Energy Solution

And if you’re confused as to who the hell Woden is, check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woden Well… No news on the previous item… but while we’re waiting, and I’m in a speculative mood… I can tell you the answer to the world’s energy problems in three words… and it’s not wind, solar, drill for more oil, or […]