Adventures in Customer Service

Ugh.  I tried for no less than an hour and a half today, to get ahold of a live person either at the local greyhound station or on their 800 number and couldn’t manage it with either.  The local station rings and rings before finally (after about 4 minutes of ringing) transferring me to the […]

Sis is back in Texas!

Well, after many years of trying to persuade her to come back, my sister has finally bitten the bullet and agreed to move to Temple. I haven’t seen her since 2002… so I’m kind of excited.   She’s trying to persuade me to hop a bus up there and visit soon.  I’m half tempted… even if […]

Something for Everyone

Amazing, along with the customary Spam you receive this time of year regarding letters from Santa, get a bigger dick, horny teen sluts, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Canadian Pharmacies, dating, interracial dating, satisfying my partner, stock tips, Etc….. The most interesting ones I’ve been receiving lately have been fuck buddies!  how’s that for going full circle? […]