Stupidity strikes Capital Metro again

<RANT> I was on the bus yesterday and noticed a “Rider Advisory” stating that Capital Metro will no longer publish their schedule book, but will instead post it on the internet. The statement goes as follows: Due to declining use, more reliance on the web and cost-cutting measures, Capital Metro will not print the Destinations […]

Fire the CapMet Board

Capital Metro has gotten the board to agree to their fee doubling in a 2-step increment.  so the regular fare will go from $0.50 to $0.75 then eventually to a $1.00 fare. They claim that they need the money.  This claim is false because they neglected to report that they’ve already essentially raised their fare […]

A Heaping Helping of Hypocrisies All Around

Okay, so out of sheer boredom I’m reading the job postings on the Capital Metro website tonight and in their posting for bus drivers they have the following statement: “Bus service is provided to the community 365 days a year 24 hours a day.” Now of course, anyone who’s ever bothered to look at their […]

Punishment Lights

You may ask, “OK, what’s a punishment light?” But if you do, I know that you don’t live anywhere near Austin (or from what I hear, L.A.) Punishment Light: (n) – Traffic light with exceptionally long cycle time (Often 5 mins or more, for no apparent or logical reason) placed there by sadistic Department of […]

Could common sense be infecting Austin?

Capital Metro board backs away from fare increase plan First the French come to their senses…  Now taxing authorities in Travis County are actually backing down from stupidity?  At the behest of the people?  Can it be true? Surprisingly enough, at least in this case, it seems true.   The Austin-American Statesman’s Ben Wear reports that […]