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Bored at night 2007/09/23
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Who is Mayor Lormar?

Interesting question, and I get it a lot. Short answer, I’m me….

Actually it comes from two places. The first, Mayor is from the only computer game I’ve ever managed to really get into…. SimCity… in all its flavors. I’m the Mayor of Telaria, a thriving simulated city of 1.3 million sims.

Lormar however has I suppose a more interesting origin. During one of my (many, many, many) jaunts in detention, specifically in the 6th grade for this one, the principal observed me writing, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the school work I was in detention for not doing… So she decided that if that’s what I wanted to do, I’d write a story for her over the week I was in detention…. Much to my surprise, it was returned every day with her adding to the story… All in all it was kind of fun… creative sure… but seeing as I have the attention span of about 15 minutes…. beyond that week it didn’t go anywhere…. Until about 6 years later when I started using it as my handle on IRC.

Anyway… You can check out my MySpace page if you want more info on me. I’ll also eventually be migrating bits and pieces of what’s there and my old site over to this one… so keep watching. 🙂

The Basics:

I was born July 6, 1977 the Arkansas Valley of Colorado (or as I like to call it, the left armpit of Colorado. It’s really quite a dull place.) My mother went into labor on the 4th… but stubborn and tardy from the beginning, I refused to come out until the 6th. I share a birthday with George W. Bush, Della Reese, Sylvester Stallone, and the Dalia Lama so I guess I’m in good company. I spent my first 10 years there, then was moved by my father to a teeny tiny town 10 miles SE of Temple, TX. With the exception of a year in school at TSTC/Waco, and 12 months in Killeen (2 seperated by 6 months then 10,) I spent the next 10 years there. October 15, 1998 I moved to Austin, TX and have been here ever since. It can be a frustrating place to live at times, but I love it and can’t see any reason in the near future that would motivate me to leave it.

I’m bright, can be creative, am an ubergeek when it comes to computers, and am a SciFi buff.

I have a few mental issues here & there (who doesn’t? But I’m nuts, not psycho) and I’ve never been in any sort of relationship.

Politically I lean about 80% libertarian. The Government is not your mommy & daddy and they are not supposed to be protecting people from their own stupidity. Doing so defeats the whole purpose of natural selection and is going to seriously hurt us as a species in the long run.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have a few strong opinions? Some of which have had people calling me cold, heartless, or facist…. which I find pretty funny. But sometimes the truth is cold & heartless and sugar coating it does nothing to subtract from the truth, it just hides it and avoids the inevitable.

Anything else, ask.

Support a Flat Tax!

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