Sis is back in Texas!

Well, after many years of trying to persuade her to come back, my sister has finally bitten the bullet and agreed to move to Temple.

I haven’t seen her since 2002… so I’m kind of excited.   She’s trying to persuade me to hop a bus up there and visit soon.  I’m half tempted… even if I don’t really care for Greyhound.  But I -am- excited that she’s finally moved away from her prick of a boyfriend and some back to where she has family nearby that care.

I’ll keep this one short…  Am working on a pilgrimage to H-E-Butt (a grocery chain in Texas that actually calls themselves H-E-B now… but I like the old name better.)  talk to y’all later.

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  1. Hey Lormar,

    Its good to have family nearby. You should go and see your sis especially if its been 5 years since you since you saw her last. Keep up the faith and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

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