Master Pancake

Okay, everyone who isn’t blessed to have an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is IMNSHO really missing out on some great fun.  Those that are should definitely check out some of their original shows.  Tonight I went with friends to see a cheesy movie from the 60’s (Goldfinger, to be exact) and while it took a bit to get into the guys poking fun at elements of the movie, I genuinely had a good time and a good laugh.  So, if you’ve never been to one, and live in Austin, consider going to a Master Pancake Theater performances sometime.

Also saw Wanted over the weekend.   It was great.  I’m not much of a movie reviewer, but if you like a good action flick, then it fits the bill nicely.

Well, most of the past 3 days has been spent keeping a sick friend company… seems I wind up doing that often these days.  He seems to be on the mend thankfully, and will hopefully continue down that route.

I seem to still be rather restless lately.  I’m of the opinion that it’s because I don’t seem to have anything to do that is enough of a routine to keep me interested in things…. My mind wanders alot and I frequently have trouble staying in one place… leading as i’ve mentioned before to more pacing (and unfortunately, more smoking.  so much for quitting again, although I’m sure it won’t be -that- hard for me when I finally decide to… it appears to be more of a boredom thing… idle hands and such.)  However, I have been able to keep myself medicated well enough to sit still and read from my book.  Ben Bova has a writing style that sometimes gets on my nerves, and I do tire of the phrase “double-damned” being used so much…. it makes it seem like it was written towards the beginning of the last century to me (or something to that effect.)  Maybe next time I’ll check out something from Vince Flynn.  We’ll see.

That’s it, I’m signing off for now…. Please feel free, if anyone actually reads all this rubbish, to comment on it or drop me a line.   -=[crd]=-

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