Fire the CapMet Board

Capital Metro has gotten the board to agree to their fee doubling in a 2-step increment.  so the regular fare will go from $0.50 to $0.75 then eventually to a $1.00 fare.

They claim that they need the money.  This claim is false because they neglected to report that they’ve already essentially raised their fare to $1.00 by eliminating the free transfer in favor of the “1-Day Pass” which costs $1.00 ….  Their doubling of their rates will also double the money they make on day passes and monthly passes.  STS will remain unaffected by these changes.

Capital Metro should not be forcing the bus riders to take up the slack on the money they’ll be losing on their new commuter rail service.  If it can’t pay for itself without forcing additional hardship on the, lets face it folks, poor who ride the bus, then it should be axed like a rotting limb.

Unfortunately no matter how much opposition there is to the proposal they’ll do whatever the hell they want anyway…. That’s just how un-elected officials work.  I still feel strongly that the board of any taxing authority should be elected by the people within that taxing authority’s borders, to prevent exactly what our nation’s forefathers (and everyone who lives in the District of Columbia) were so upset about… Taxation Without Representation.

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  1. The price of bus service here in Austin hasn’t gone up for 20+ years. What other form of transportation can say that? Also, even with the increase it still doesn’t cover the cost of running the bus system.

  2. When they make these statements, they also fail to explain that they are also heavily subsidized by a 1% sales tax and state & federal funding. They already raised their rates 100% when they implemented the “day pass” and got rid of transfers. Their level of service is still undeserving of a rate increase in my not so humble opinion. Several high-volume routes aren’t operated on Sunday at all, which makes travel to grocery/other stores rather expensive since the only option besides walking in the 100+ degree heat is to take a cab.

  3. Thats what the sales tax revenue & state and Federal grants they receive are for.

  4. Maybe you should edit the post subject title Mayor Lormar’s Random Madness » Fire the CapMet Board to something more suited for your subject you make. I loved the blog post even sononetheless.

  5. No, I think the bastards should all be fired. Unfortunately they did that and hired even dumber SOBs to do the job.

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