Chocolate Wisdom

A series of chocolate inspired messages…. Courtesy of Dove Promises chocolates.

Every connection has the potential to change your life.

This one is so full of truth in my opinion. Any stranger you meet on the street has the potential to change the direction of your life or even life itself. You should never underestimate these encounters.

Own all the moments of your life.

Close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

Relish every moment… we’re not here all that long.

Take a moment to appreciate others.

You can’t do it alone… take the time to appreciate those who make your life more interesting or more worth living. Be it a family member, friend, spouse/partner, roommate, or just a co-worker.

Close your eyes and breathe in life.

Life is our greatest gift. Don’t neglect it.

These were just a few messages I found to be inspiring, in the wrappers of candies no less. Hope all is going well for everyone.

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