Werq, Werq, Werq…

Okay, so I’ve been neglecting my websites and blog for a while. Sorry for that, but I was working a full-time job M-F 8-5, which unfortunately didn’t pan out.  I debated for a while whether or not I made the right decision in accepting it, and as it turns out, I was wrong. Basically I just got sick & tired of being so damn broke all the time, and I let those feelings get the better of me.  Capital Metro proved to be as unreliable or annoying as possible still, taking hours to get anywhere…  even as much as almost 2 hours to get home from work on days when I ride the bus.

The job….

I was working as an IT temp for a company called MegaPath. They provide managed IP, communications, VPN and network security services for businesses (think Papa John’s and Subway.)  As for my feelings about it… Well, I liked it, even if it was a little slow at times. I had a lot of trouble remembering to make entries in our “work blog” as required, and STS requiring me to be ready at 6:50AM and taking forever to get me home really started to try my patience as well as affect my overall health and mental well-being.

I really don’t feel all that special, but the boss seemed thrilled to have me. As he put it, he was glad to finally have someone working for him with the range of experience to be technically qualified, who knew the proper etiquette for dealing with people in what is basically a call center. I learned some stuff here & there, but I never quite got into the groove of working a 8-5 job again.

So, what’s new with me? Other than the short-term job, not too much.  My application for disability due to my general craziness seems to have started moving forward.  We’ll see how that all pans out soon enough.

In the short term, I’m on the look out for jobs I can do from home and/or maybe a part-time job that won’t push me as much into a breakdown again as a full time one would.  I’ll keep you posted.

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