What a Week

Well, I thought I’d give y’all a weekend update to let you know what’s going on.

I’ve successfully kept my room clean for the most part all week… and I even intend on doing laundry over the weekend so it can’t get out of hand again. We’ll see how that goes. It’s been cool enough to keep my window open day & night… which has been nice… now if only I had someone to curl up with under those covers…. LOL I miss my pussycat.

Halloween is finally over. Thanksgiving is coming at us full steam ahead, so of course all the stores have broken out the Christmas decorations. I should be extra adamant about taking my anti-depressants with the holidays rolling around.

I finished my application for Walgreen’s tonight… after taking a friend to the ER for some problems that could have been seen to by a regular doctor… but Fridays are as usual a bitch. Unfortunately in the process, I lost my phone somewhere, and because of the fact it’s rolling directly to voicemail, one of two scenarios has happened… Either someone found it and turned it off to get rid of the annoying ringing constantly, or it was in a parking lot and got destroyed by a tire…. I’m thinking it was the latter. I guess we’ll see if we hear anything tomorrow. I intend on checking the pharmacy and pro-med again tomorrow to see if anyone turned it in… and keep checking the account activity online to see if anyone uses it. keep your fingers crossed. I don’t have the money to replace it at the moment, but Boost has come out with a newer Unlimited phone that is a camera phone with blue tooth and a back LCD…. which makes it very attractive for me, and well worth the extra thirty bucks… but I wonder how they do the new phone thing… since I already have an account, do I get a free month or a discount or what? I’ll talk to the real customer service reps during the day… the night ones in Costa Rica or wherever they are are simply morons… they can’t ever answer simple questions.

On the news front, I see Fred Phelps finally got his comeuppance, to the tune of 11 million dollars! About frigging time that hate monger got his just reward. Hopefully none of the higher federal courts have the gall to overturn that punitive reward. He’s had it coming for years, and picketing a dead soldier’s funeral with hate messages and twisting it to be all about fags as he so often does is just plain shameful. I believe there’s a special place reserved in Hell for him and his ilk…. and hopefully they’re getting reamed all day, every day with out so much as lube or a reach around. 😀

So…. How was your week folks?


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