A Heaping Helping of Hypocrisies All Around

Okay, so out of sheer boredom I’m reading the job postings on the Capital Metro website tonight and in their posting for bus drivers they have the following statement:

“Bus service is provided to the community 365 days a year 24 hours a day.”

Now of course, anyone who’s ever bothered to look at their schedules knows that this is complete and total misrepresentation. That line should read “Bus service is provided to the community for 19 hours per day 6 days a week, 14 hours on Sunday & Holidays.” … But of course they would never want to tell the truth like that.

Anyway… the whole reason I’m even bothering to point this out is that last Sunday, for reasons I don’t care to explain or get into, ended in a complete disaster which included me and a cute drunk guy being stranded downstairs and on a park bench in Republic Square for 4 hours in the increasing cold with him huddled next to me for warmth and passed out.

Of course, had his cell phone not died, and my cell phone not been lost/stolen then we could have called a ride… but neither of us had money for cab fare and both had bus passes. Unfortunately, capmet in their infinite stupidity only runs the night owl routes from Tuesday through Sunday (which is actually Monday Through Saturday because they run the routes at 12:30A, 1:30A, 2:30A respectively.) I guess they figure people don’t go out on Sunday nights for some reason… obviously these people are out of touch with the realities of Austin. Of course Monday being Veterans Day (observed) that further complicated matters…

Needless to say, after we finally got home, (with it beginning to rain in the half mile walk from the bus stop to home) and warmed up, we both passed out. (around 7AM at this point) and woke up at 2:45PM… Unfortunately that meant he had to leave in a rush… and I have yet to hear from him again. par for the course I suppose, which is a shame because I honestly liked him (for once,) even if that would mean I ignore my long-standing rule about guys under 25 being too young & wet behind the ears to seriously consider for relationships. Oh well. par for the course I suppose.

Work news…. well I’ve been contacted about several job offers recently… of course I’ve heard nothing from any of them except the occasional call to say that they filled the position. Even went so far as to fill out an app for Walgreen’s, and haven’t heard from them either. I’ve also started some work on a major website transition to a Joomla! Content Management System… which although it will be mostly busy work for me, it’ll mean a big difference in the way the website is managed and handled.

I saw the shrink on Thursday. Of course since I was a standby appointment, I was sitting there all day waiting for my name to be called. But when I saw him it took him a while to read the notes from the previous two doctors, and then to piece together exactly what the current problems were… He didn’t like me being on Xanax for an extended period of time, but I explained what happens if I’m not on it. He said that the Seroquel, which has made such a huge difference for me is possibly the reason that I am still unable to get motivated to do things and have problems collecting my thoughts… which honestly has gotten worse lately rather than better…. so he’s switching me to two other medications and keeping me on 120Mg of Cymbalta.

Here I go again, sharing too much information with the world… but hey, its better to get it down in writing than to have to keep it bottled up and rattling around in my head until it drives me nuts. So I suppose that’s enough blog therapy for now. Hope everyone’s weekend went well… It looks like I’ll be doing some family time around Thursday… hopefully I can persuade them to bring me back sooner than Sunday… I have so much that I need to start doing.

Catch y’all later. Oh, and a parting gift… How to do the Mona Lisa in Microsoft Paint. 2 hrs 30 minutes compressed to 5 minutes for your viewing comfort… Why’s this so impressive? MS-Paint is such a basic, no-frills program that it’s akin to the difficulty of doing the same thing on a postage stamp with a kid’s water color set.

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