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Oops… so I haven’t bothered to post any updates on life, the universe, and everything lately…. Guess it’s high time.

I’ve hit the big 30… My paternal grandmother sent me a card that said “Happy Bright Shiny New Decade!” ha ha. 😐 But I do suppose that’s one way to look at it. Now if I wasn’t such a pragmatic putz i suppose I could actually shift my mind into that gear. I still don’t think I’m recovered from all the associated birthday activities… I still can’t get people to realize that being around large groups of people is physically & mentally draining for me.

I’ve slowly but surely been completing the task I was assigned in May… Start converting the websites I do the IT work for from iHTML to PHP and get them cut over from a windows box to a cPanel/Linux box. So far so good… other than old sloppy code that was taking a while to deal with and it being repetative and boring, I’m for the most part on schedule to almost have it all done by the end of the month. Now I just need a wizard php programmer to help with the annoying bits.

Unfortunately this also means I’m almost done and will be having to look for some new additional income streams. I’ve started gathering all the stuff I’ve been meaning to post on eBay, filing and organizing all the material for my website that I’ve been meaning to post, along with my magazines and all the other crap I have laying around. Fun.

For some reason lately I’m actually motivated to start working on my blog, website, other stuff, auctions, and even went through the pre-screening for a part time job or two… I really don’t think a full-time job will work out right now… I seem to get lost in my jobs and wind up spiraling. (Ask if you don’t know what I mean.) Again, I’ll try to keep everyone posted.

I’m certainly now pretty well medicated. The proper medication and the psychiatrist helping me to get registered with STS (Special Transit Service) and getting a disability fare card has certainly been a life changing type of event… I now have no reason not to make my scheduled appointments with the exception of me just being a ditz and forgetting to call & schedule a ride.

My mental health caseworker has started me on a treatment plan… Unfortunately that means I have to start doing two of the things I hate the most… make decisions and talk and/or think about myself… (eg, make plans, etc.)… we’ll see how that goes. On the bright side, I did actually get rid of one of the two pieces of excess furniture that are on my list of goals. The other will have to wait a bit.

Hmm… Oh yeah, only one bit left…. The e-mail to the Mayor/City Manager… I did get a response… albeit cryptic, from Toby Futrell (the city manager.) And since it was forwarded/cc’ed to the Mayor & several people within the city government & Austin Energy, she wasn’t just blowing smoke up my ass… Wonder if I’ll get credit if they were to implement it. Maybe I should start a website and get a grassroots campaign going to push all the cities in our fair state and/or country to start similar programs…. It’d be good for them and for businesses.

That’s all for now. Time for the sand man to visit and take me on a ride through the land of nod… Later folks.

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